Ongoing Needs

We always need basic office supplies such as:
•Copy paper (8½x11, 8½ x14, 11x17 white, 8½x11 in colors)
•Pens & pencils (new, please)
•Tape (scotch, masking, packing, duct)
•Paper clips & binder clips
•Dry erase markers, erasers, board cleaner
•Flip chart paper

We also spend hundreds of dollars each month on restroom, kitchen, and cleaning supplies to serve our clients. We always need:
•Toilet paper
•Paper towels
•Toilet seat covers
•Liquid soap
•Facial tissue

Here are some of the things our programs are in need of:
•Healthy snacks for our pre-K program (fruits, graham crackers, etc)
•Healthy snacks for our after school program (fruits, granola bars, etc)
•Blank CD’s for our naturalization program

Special Needs

Two Wii controllers to help Sunshine Garden Seniors stay physically active

Documentary DVDs for our lobby display on Chinese and Asian America, bicultural identity, or other programs relating to our mission of bridging cultures, communities and generations

Dress up clothing/costumes for our pre-K program to foster imagination and creative play

•An iPad for our pre-K kids to expose them to 21st century technology. Our space is so tight that we don't have room for even a laptop!

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