• What does CISC stand for?
    Chinese Information and Service Center
  • Do you only serve Chinese?
    No. Our primary focus is on Chinese immigrants and their families, but we also serve many immigrants from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and throughout Asia. Our Chinese clients come from all over Asia, from different countries, with different cultures, speaking many different dialects and languages. We do not turn anyone away because of their culture, race, or ethnicity.
  • What do you do?
     We help immigrants make the transition to a new life while keeping later generations in touch with their rich heritage. We offer:

    • Immigrant transition programs that help non-English speakers understand and navigate American culture – including comprehensive information and assistance services, crime prevention education, crime victims assistance, and ESL classes.

    • Family programs with multigenerational impact – including preschool and youth programs that enhance academic achievement and bicultural identity, bilingual parent education and family counseling, and elder services and caregiver support.

    • Employment and technology programs to prepare adults and youth for success – including pre-employment, placement, and job retention services, employer assistance, and multilingual computer training.

    • Elder programs that promote health, independence, fellowship, and lifelong learning – including in-home care case management, health monitoring for active seniors, recreational activities, social gatherings, and education.

    • Cultural programs that strengthen the bonds of family and community – including arts classes and exhibitions, Mandarin classes, and celebrations of traditional Chinese and other Asian festivals.

  • What languages and dialects do staff speak?
    Mandarin, Cantonese, Toisanese, Taiwanese, Hakka, Chiu Chow, Fukienese, and Fuzhounese dialects of Chinese; Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Spanish, Russian, Somali, Tagalog, and English.
  • How many staff do you have?
    More than 100 full and part-time, supplemented by over 250 volunteers contributing more than 5,000 hours of service each year.
  • How many people do you serve per year?
    20,000 individuals across King County and points beyond.
  • Where do you get your funding from?
    The majority of funding is through government contracts (federal, state, county, cities), fundraising from individuals and corporations, and support from United Way. Our current budget is $5 million.
  • How much do you spend on overhead?
    88% of our budget pays for direct service delivery, about average for an organization of this size and type. The remaining 12% funds vital and necessary functions like accounting staff, office support, and an executive director.
  • Do you partner with other organizations?
    We work closely with Kin On for nursing home services, ACRS for mental health services, ICHS for medical and dental services for our clients, as well as many mainstream organizations.
  • Where does CISC provide services?
    CISC provides services at more than a dozen different sites throughout King County.